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Insurance Advisors

Life insurance professionals are dedicated to providing guidance to families and businesses seeking financial security for themselves and their employees. Insurance professionals listen to their clients and understand their goals and needs. Developing unique solutions that are optimal for each client’s situation is the hallmark of the insurance professionals’ role.

METTLE INSURANCE respects the life insurance professional’s focus on client care. Our mission is to collaborate with advisors to help close the coverage gap and promote financial security. We know that your efforts range from financial literacy to risk planning, retirement, and ultimately legacy planning. We know that your sales occur from the kitchen table to the boardroom. Our business is devoted to supporting those wide-ranging and financially critical efforts with plan design, underwriting, and product selection skills.


Our goals:

  • To assist life insurance professionals in implementing insurance solutions in an unbiased and product agnostic environment.
  • Aligning clients financial situations and their health status with the right solutions
  • To provide a selection of product solutions that enhance your value to both individual and business clients.
  • To keep you and your associates focused on what you do best while providing high-quality protection planning services

Our services:

  • Family Protection
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Business Succession and Key Person Coverage
  • Executive Benefits

Productivity services:

  • Opportunity Mining and Plan Design
  • Point of Sale assistance and client consultations
  • Comprehensive tracking of potential opportunities
  • Tracking and management of pending business

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