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P&C Advisors

Independent agents are the backbone of the American economy. By providing unbiased protection advice, independent agents propel their clients’ businesses to confidently make the decisions necessary to thrive. The nature of the independent agents’ client relationships resides in the responsibility to successfully bridge both business and family protection needs.

At Mettle Insurance we understand the priorities and pressures of your role. In response, we have built a system specific to supporting the independent agent and your team of professionals.


Our goals:

  • To assist you in implementing pin-point planning solutions for your clients in a completely unbiased and product agnostic environment
  • To provide a selection of product offerings that enhance your value to your clients while simultaneously enhancing account profitability and retention
  • To keep you and your associates focused on what you do best while rounding out the planning services you offer

Our services:

Develop and administer marketing plans focused on client planning needs and awareness in:

  • Family Protection
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Business Succession
  • Business Key Person
  • Executive Benefits

Productivity services:

  • Opportunity Mining and Design
  • Point of Sale assistance and client consultations
  • Comprehensive tracking of potential opportunities
  • Tracking and management of pending business


  • Reporting to quantify the success of sales and marketing efforts
  • Tracking In-Force business
  • Continuous monitoring of carrier financials and product developments

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